May 16, 2013

Get Me Bodied


Working out has changed my life. For. The. Incredibly. Fantastically. Superbly. Grand. Great....Good.

But, more that what I've gotten out of it, when I have people tell me that I've motivated them to be healthier... I can't tell you what that means to me. It's cliche...but it means the world to me.

Whether that means, someone saying they made a better food choice, that they got back out there after talking with me, or saying that my blog post has pushed them to run that marathon that they've been too scared to go for... all of it. It just is the best thing. Really.

When I was 16, sedentary, and overweight, (despite that I am no longer religious) I had a church leader bless me, stating, "You are blessed with a lovely physical body. Your body is an incredible machine. I urge you to contemplate how your body functions so well and be grateful for this great gift."

Who knows if that REALLY is foretelling of anything. But, I still like to think that maybe I am set out to use my strength and passion in physical fitness and nutrition to help others. I've contemplated this for years. I've even dabbled in it at Salt Lake Community College for a few semesters when I was getting my Associate's Degree. However, I wasn't ready for it then. I might be coming into the game "late." But, I am ready now.  I've actually been ready for some time. I am pursuing my Nutrition degree. But, I want to become more influential in physical fitness, too -- and sooner. This isn't really a money making endeavor. This is purely for my love of life -- helping other's find joy in being healthy. And hopefully extend their happier, healthier life. 

The studying started today... and hopefully, I'll pass my test sometime in the next 180 days. But in the meantime, don't wait up... get moving on it. Make a single healthier choice. Today. (Maybe that means -- GO TO BED! Sleep is part of health -- and YOU need it.)

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  1. This is amazing Gen. I'm SO happy and excited for you. And I totally meant it when I said I'd LOVE to be your study buddy-anytime. Hopefully I'll be doing this in a year, so I'd love to get a jumpstart by helping you pass yours. Gen-you are a rock star and are going to be an amazing trainer!