May 27, 2013

The Bitch is Back

[Elton John]

Did you have a nice Memorial Day? I made whole wheat waffles, rocked a mile swim, got started on my tan, read/studied, and then laid in the hammock at my in-laws. It was nearly a perfect holiday.

With summer here, swimming will become more of an option for exercise, for some...

My two sisters, Krick and Hilz, and I have created our own Master's swim class. We call it "Swim Club" because my family seems to have a lot of "clubs", sushi club, board game club, running club, garage sale club, etc. This was just another random thing a set of the family has formed excitement over.

I was unofficially designated coach of swim club. Each week I come up with a workout that I write onto a 4x6 index card and throw on deck. After a busy day at work, then staying late for HTML coding class, I didn't get home in time to pull together a workout. Thus, when my sisters showed up, they weren't happy -- mainly because the back up was a ladder set up to 1 mile.

After the huff and puff, I wasn't showing up for the next club swim without a plan. So I came up with this:
"The Bitch"
(named after the fact)


100 easy swim
100 kick
200 (50 kick, 50 pull, 50 kick, 50 pull)
4x100 flutter kicks
4x50 build
100 1-arm drills (each 25 rotate arm)
200 (50 kick, 50 pull, 50 kick, 50 pull)
8x50 choice drills
200 easy without walls
100 count strokes
50 kick
50 easy swim
This was only 2100 meters, but the kick intensive focus was killer. None of us are strong kickers... but by the end of the workout we immediately had already seen an improvement in our kick.
If you are a swimmer, give this workout a try... you will feel the burn. It's awesome!

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