June 15, 2013

I Almost Do

[Taylor Swift]

I bet my silence on the subject may have caused you to think I have dropped out...

...but NOPE, I am still planning on running my 1st RELAY and 1st ULTRA in less than a week, at the Ragnar Wasatch Back.

I hope my teammates aren't reading this (sorry, in advance, guys -- seems like we already have a lot working against us). But life's kinda been rough lately. I've tried to get out there as much as I can.. but.. I've never been so UNprepared for a race -- maybe that's because I am usually really strict with my training schedule. I've kind of been winging it this time around.

We'll see how that goes...but there's...

Good news. My relay legs are hard, but not as hard as I was expecting them to be.

Bad news. They are still really hard.

Good news. I've run longer distances, than any of my legs, on back to back days. And in the past week.

Bad news. I've never done a 3:00 am run. Midnight... yes... 3:00 am... no.

Good news. A 3:00 am run will be really chilly. Perfect for a heated, uphill run.

Bad news. My quad is still giving me problems (oh, yeah, my quad has been injured since the SLC marathon disaster). It got better. Then got really bad. Then better. Then worse. Then completely better. Or so I thought. And now it's just uncomfortable. I can work with that.

Good news. I am determined to do this. And have fun with it! It's a once in a lifetime opportunity...

Bad news. I am kinda nervous about running in the dark, in the mountains, alone... If I go missing... just saying. I can't decide if I am more nervous for that or that I was informed by my dad that our Lake Tahoe cabin rental owner warned us that a bear broke in and caused 50k in damage over the winter. It's been fixed... but were forewarned to keep food well stored and not leave around scraps. We are still staying there next month... gulp. Animals kinda ruin my life... with the exception of Oggy... he's the best cat eve' -- wow, tangent...scratch that.

So here are my relay legs (for those interested parties). I am runner 6....

Leg 1
Leg 2
Leg 3
Leg 4
Leg 5
Leg 6
(Finish Line)
Oh man, and I still need to tell you about the Taylor Swift concert. And did I ever recap the race for the cure? I've lost my mind.


  1. I think most of us are more unprepared than we would have liked. Honestly, I think it takes the pressure off. Fun, yes...pressure, no.

    yes...I am reading this. Can't wait to meet you later this week!!!

  2. You will kill it like you always do, Gen! I think this relay idea will help to mix things up a bit for you. And I'm pretty sure that Chad is WAY more unprepared than you... If there is a God - God help him. :) Maybe I will see yuh at the finish line!

  3. I can't wait!! I so nervous, but in a good way! Can't wait to see you!