June 30, 2013


[Matt Nathanson featuring Sugarland]

Ragnar Wasatch Back Ultra Marathon's go like this:

2... great sponsors (Nuun sponsored our run and Lunatik sponsored our compression socks)

Bry and I sporting our Lunatik Compression Socks.
Absolutely loved them -- physical support -- and got a ton of compliments.
Meghan made lights for our van out of her left over Nuun tablet containers.
They were so cute!
I think I am going to do this for my office at home :)
6 no 7... team members that I had never met in person and now am lifelong friends with
L to R: Lisa, Holly, RunWiki, Meghan, Bry, Ned, and myself
1... fabulously decked out 15 passenger van
(Holly's Instagram photo collage)
I am NOT an artist...so I did the stars :p
6... legs each
198.3...  miles run as a team
3... canyons crossed
30:02... our finishing time
28.5... miles that I covered on my own
3... trail runs
4:12... my 26.2 marathon time
944... my biggest elevation climb during a single run
-1125... my biggest elevation descent during a single run
2... number of new favorite running gear – the stick and knuckle lights
1... hour sleep during the race
2... hours of sleep the night before the race
1... violation for assisting a runner

We received a violation for supporting a runner during a no van support leg.
It was well accepted by the team, considering it was to our disadvantage to help our runner (Meghan) by having Bry run along with her. But Meghan is a machine and refused to quit, despite stomach issues. Bry (and all of us) just did what we could to support her desire to push through. If that is deserving a violation -- we'll take it. And then we'll report van after van that is stopped on the next no van support leg. If we break the rules, we'll own it. But we'll also seek justice ;)
3... sayings that are now in my vocabulary -- thanks to Holly ("Get it girl!", "SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!", and "Like a boss")
9... place overall (for both Ultra and Normal Relay teams)

72... minutes by which we beat the 2nd place women's ultra team (also of which being the elite team... double score!)
1... place in the women's ultra division
2...  little caesars pizzas that have never tasted SO amazing

I was taking a picture of Bry...
No wonder she's so tiny. She hadn't ever eaten a slice of little ceasars pizza before!
That and that she run's 6 minute paced miles.
6... day in September we plan to hit up Colorado as an all women's Ultra team... AGAIN!


  1. This was amazing! Love reading everyones perspective! Love you!!

  2. I loved this!! Great way to recap it, creative and precise!! so much fun. Every recap I read, I am reminded of such great memories made and such great girls. You rocked it!!