July 23, 2013

Come What May

[Moulin Rouge]

I am only 2 days into #stayingonthewagon and life is presenting me with MORE excuses challenges.

Today...I now have a broken toe.

-- Begin Story -- 

I was leaving work. Chatting it up with my coworkers. Packing my laptop into my bag. Chatting it up with my coworkers. Forgetting to zip my bag. Chatting it up with my coworkers. Fling the bag on my back. Laptop comes flying out. Lands side up (the whole weight of the laptop) onto my [bleepin'] pinky toe. Laptop bounces off toe. Laptop lands on floor. Laptop is okay. Toe is not.

-- End of Story --

So yay for being ME.

[That was a sarcastic tone. If. You. Couldn't. Hear. It. Because, somedays I really HATE being ME. For example, today.]

[Sidenote: Can this qualify for worker's comp? LAUGHTER. Only joking.]

Anyway, I don't know what this means for #spudman. It makes me so upset to even think about. Especially after working through bricks of each distance. I was actually pretty ready to compete.

Please tell me a broken toe can heal in 3 days? If so, I am still planning on going. I've even considered just going for the swim. Pretty sure I was going to dominate the swim this year.

But, let's set that aside, I am still not letting this throw me off the healthy wagon. I am buckled in for the bumpy ride.

So I turned my evening run into an evening swim -- aka sport for the injured ;).. and mission #stayingonthewagon is still a go!

What is the worst injury you've raced with? Have you ever had to pull out of a race because of injury?

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