July 21, 2013

I'm Not That Girl

[Idina Menzel in Wicked]

My #highnuun teammate, RunWiki, got me thinking about the healthy wagon.

You see my thinking is this...

I've fallen off of it. 

Plain. and. Simple.

Life's been on the down, somewhat hellish really. It's given me excuse after excuse to slack in my training and eat that delicious Rue de Lis salted caramel chocolate cake my husband brought home on Friday. [Seriously... that cake! I have dreams about it!]

This HAS to stop, though.

I've been losing all my hard work from earlier this year. Both in speed, strength, and weight loss. I HATE MYSELF for it.

I touched base on some of this during my last post.

Since then, I've actually had some good training sessions. I saw my best "pool" mile to date -- 20 minutes and 10 seconds [Spudman last year, with a wetsuit and the river current, I swam in 19 minutes]. I also biked 28 miles today, followed by a 2 mie run. After these workouts I am feeling better about my upcoming race on Saturday. I think I'll do comparable to what I did last year -- which is better than I was thinking I'd do when I wrote that last post.

But, I should have been further along by now. And I don't want to get even further behind.

Also, if team #highnuun gets the Got Chocolate Milk sponsorship [ahem -- don't forget to vote!].... well, I'll definitely need to be giving 100% to training and eating well. I want to give what my team everything I have to offer.

So this is it.

I am setting up my Lose It! App, marking out my training calendar, and getting back on the healthy wagon.

This starts N-O-W.

You want to join me? 


  1. It truly is a balancing act isn't it? One minute I'm telling myself I need a break and the next I've completely fallen off the wagon. I have so much empathy!

  2. I was just having this kind of thinking this morning. I need to be realistic about myself. I can't even eating cookies and cream ice cream and then complain that I don't lose weight. I am joining you! What is this lose it1! app? I must look this up! Also I am training for a marathon and I can't justify that as a reason to eat crappy.

  3. I think we have all been here!! But it doesn't matter what point we are at, we can start being healthy again and jump right back on the wagon again!!