August 13, 2013

You've Got a Friend in Me

[Toy Story]
Got this in the mail today...

Ya... Chocolate. Coconut. [Natural]. Peanut Butter!

What could be better? Uh.. nothing.

Thank you to Wild Friends Nut Butter for sponsoring team #highnuun!

PB & J's saved me at Ragnar Wasatch Back. It's a necessity to have at Ragnar CO.

You can order your own here.

And don't forget to follow Erika & Keeley, you'll fall in love with them and their PB recipes!

Instagram: @wild_friends

Can't wait to try this out after my 10-miler in the A.M! I'll let you know what I think... 
...but, I suspect I'll love this. I haven't met a coconut item I didn't like.

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