August 13, 2013

Everybody Knows

[Jukebox the Ghost]

Two quick thoughts....

1) No one will understand what having a cat has done for me.

Yes, I've become the #catlady. That's all fun and joking...but, after having a fear of dogs (and animals, in general) since I was 8. Getting a cat was HUGE! [Thank you Kase for talking me into it.]

On my past couple outdoor runs, I've come across some dogs. Some on leashes, others not. And guess what? I was mostly okay! 

Please, feel like laughing. Go right ahead. I am 29 and have a fear of dogs. It's ridiculous. I. KNOW. But, for the first time since I can remember, I think I am actually getting over it... because of this little guy.

2) I now LOVE running outside. 

I used to swear by the treadmill [No worries of stray dogs ready to kill.] But, now that I am feeling like I can read animals better, I've felt more comfortable embracing the outdoors, more and more. It's so refreshing... and hilarious... for example...
  • I passed a guy that was riding in morning traffic on a motorized razor scooter, smoking a cigarette, with a line of cars honking at him. He didn't have a care in the world.
  • There was the guy who was sitting on his step with a mug of beer at 6:15am.
  • And let's not forget the teenage boy, who passed by me on his bike, stating matter of factly, "Daaaamn."
I just need to get my camera out more. 

Are you a treadmill or outdoor runner?

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  1. I am definitely an outside runner not an indoor runner. I can't stand running on a treadmill and feeling like I am going nowhere. Even when its -10 out you can find me me crazy...but treadmills are my last resort!! Maybe growing up on a ranch has something to do with this.