September 03, 2005

The consequences of choosing disneyland.

The U of U football season started last night with a wonderful win over Arizona State. The first home game against Arizona that the U has won since 1972, at that. I was very impressed with the team.
I have season passes to the home games at the U thanks to my boyfriend, KC (He works for the team). About a week ago I gained more friends. I had a list of people that I would give an arm for my extra ticket. My sister Hilary was stuck in Provo and totally bummed out. She was dying to come home for the weekend. I suggested that to cheer her up I would give the first game of the season ticket to her. We had planned for a week that I would drive down and pick her up. We would go to the game and have a blast. I told everyone else that my ticket had been taken. All my sad friends then went and purchased tickets. I was excited to spend time with Hilary. We would have alot of fun.
The night before the game Hilary called my phone at 7pm to confirm that I would be down there. At 9pm, she left a message on my phone that she was no longer coming and that my mom had bought her a ticket to fly down to california. She said. "I hope you understand I want to go to disneyland."
I hope you understand my anger. I was flat out ditched. No call to ask if it was fine before booking the flight. A week of planning down the drain. I ended going to go the game with my dad, because all my friends had their tickets already. My mom hadn't offered to fly me to disneyland.
So I am sitting at the game with my dad, thinking about how my family was at disneyland. I decided that for ruining the first game of the season that I am going to have a blast at the rest of the games and Hilary...guess what I hope disneyland was good 'cuz you ain't gettin' my extra ticket this season. Sucker!

p.s.- the game wasn't completely ruined because they won and I got a free dinner.


  1. So sad. I will give you 5 dollars...and a bum massage? What you think?

  2. And we aren't ever going to eat cake again.

  3. Because only happy people eat cake.

  4. And no balloons or streamers either.