March 07, 2006

Forget Football, Bring on the Gymnastics!

My boyfriend is always claiming that football is the best thing on earth. Now don't get me wrong I love football, but I don't understand watching it for 9 hours straight on saturday and just waisting the day away. Football is supposedly the most intense and entertaining sport, but I beg to differ.

Last night I attended the University of Utah vs. University of Georgia Gymnastics Meet. I know you say to yourself who cares. But seriously the Utes and the Bulldogs have not competed in gymnastics since I believe '94 due some judging arguements. And last night the #1 (georgia) and the #3(utah) teams competed.

The meet started with a man singing the national anthem. Greedy K was in attendance with me and she was having a hard time determining whether or not the large man was handicapped. He probably weighed close to 350 lbs and had somewhat of a lisp. He also hit notes higher than I can. Anyway the meet started triumphantly for the Utes. We were ahead by .025 through the first 3 rounds, with our strongest event only to come. While the warmups for the floor and beam were going on, 3 men in there fifties from all around the venue started to create their own cheers. Our section had one of the guys, yet the other two sections had men who were wearing pink U of U t-shirts. The man who lead us in our "U-T-A-H , UTES, UTES, UTES!" chant was fiercly determined to win(Yes men are competitive outside of football, too). The crowds were going wild with the uproar of the cheer-off, and the four college boys with their chests painted where only helping the atmosphere of the game become wildly fun.

After our outstanding performance on the floor, all women earning above a 9.85 and with Gritt Hottman's perfect performance only waiting to be scored the crowd screamed, "10, 10, 10, 10!"we were sure we were the winners. First was announced the score for Courtney Kupet (an olympic gymnast from Georgia) who received a 9.95 for her balance beam routine that should have received a 9.7. Then Gritt's score was posted as a ..... 9.9! What?! The crowd was outraged...everyone was booing!

I realized why Georgia and Utah had, had judging arguements in the past. Georgia had totally been favored. Utah lost by .025 points and the meet was over. I was shocked and the rest of my night was a disappointment. I feel that the meet was more intense than any football game I have ever seen. And I was more emotionally upset than any football game. So I can't wait until the NCAA Championships when Utah and Georgia meet head to head again. And I will be happy to see the Utes triumph on Friday against Oregon State. GO UTES!!!

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  1. Seriously, for so many reasons (mostly the grown man cheerleaders), this was the best sporting event I have ever attended. Thanks Vieve.