December 11, 2008

It's time to figure this out...

I made KC some french toast for dinner and every time we eat french toast we debate back and forth over the correct way to eat french toast. So I am throwing this out to you guys to answer...

Do you eat french toast:

(a) with syrup and butter only
(b) with powdered sugar and butter only
(c) with all three - butter, powdered sugar, and syrup
(d) other


  1. I'm boring. I eat my french toast with sugar free syrup-nothing else. BUT...I do love it with fresh fruit and whipped cream. Yum!

  2. Hey girl! So.. confessions. #1: I added your blog to google reader ages ago (okay like 2 months) and have been reading it all but not commenting when I always mentally comment! So, HELLO! By the way, because of google reader you don't see what the blog page actually looks like so I also wanted to let you know your blog is way cute! #2: I eat french toast with all three toppings in great quantities. (If that's not the answer you wanted for KC though, feel free to say whatever you want to him and I will gladly agree that I said it.) #3: so.. we never really saw each THAT much before you moved, but I miss you! And I'm very glad that you're coming for Christmas to see your family! Fun! Confession #4: LOVE LOVE LOVE that wedding picture. In a word- RADiculous. That's SO Rad it's rediculously rad. #5: Saw that you've mentioned skype-ing. I just set it up a few days ago because bryce is in china, but I'd love to see ya/talk to you if you're ever bored. My skype name is sarahlcraig (Is that what you need? or a number?)
    Anyway, sorry for the lengthy message. love ya. sarah
    (Oh! one more thing.. I am so happy that your "word verification" is a REAL word! "Squid" That's never happened to me)

  3. The correct answer is (b). Except it's BUTTER and powdered sugar. Because you have to have enough butter to make the powdered sugar turn into frosting.

  4. I have to say -- pretty much only syrup ... maybe with a little powder suger. Butter is for pancakes.

  5. B but i have had C before and it is pretty good but oh man i love it with just powdered sugar it is HEAVEN!!!!

  6. syrup and butter in this house. But I would also accept butter and raspberry freezer jam.

  7. I know I am totally late on this, but I have to weigh in and say that jam (or even applesauce) is the best French toast topping. Powdered sugar is definitely good, too. No to syrup!