March 03, 2011

Half to the Half

I passed the half mark on my half-marathon training last week. Race day is in ONE month from today. And for my own sake, I want to do a little bit of a check-up.

  • Last long run: 7 miles
  • Total mileage since start of training: 96 miles 
  • Improvement in time: 1 min/per mile
  • Days until race: 31
  • Incline training: 5-6% grade
  • Incline distance: 1 mile
  • Running out of music. (Taking recommendations).
  • Currently have shin splints from my track run on Tuesday. 
  • One horrible blister on my left 4th toe, next to the pinky. Probably the worst pain yet is running on that blister. 
  • Lack of on the road training, due to lack of a running partner and the cold weather. 
  • This isn't as exciting as the first time around. I am having to really push myself and find excitement. But I figure it's just a hurdle to get past so that I can get excited about the marathon later this year.
  • When training for a road race on a treadmill, always keep the treadmill at a 1% grade or higher. Otherwise, you might as well be running downhill. Thanks for the tip Emz. Seriously, she has the best advice.
  • Sports beans. How did I do my first half without these?
  • New ritual, running with a long sleeve zip up for the first third of the run. When I shed the hoodie, it totally rejuvenates me.
  • I always keep these things handy for my training runs. Water. Sports beans. Chapstick. Headphones. Backup headphones (since mine died last week and ruined my run, I've learned my lesson). Ipod shuffle. Ipod touch (as a backup). And a washcloth to cover the treadmill numbers. And now an emergency cell phone and soon I'll have mace. 
  • Yoga the day after the long run does just the trick.
The countdown is on...


  1. We're only half way. I am trying not to think about it. Ps I bought a running belt w/ water bottles. Nerdy! I am going to try it out this weekend. Ill let you know how it goes and if you should invest in one too. I was right about new shoes and energy we'll see.

  2. Wow Gen I've very impressed! Way to go!! My favorite album right now is Adele's new one 21, have you heard it? It's amazing!!

  3. I am so proud of you-you are rocking it girl! What an amazing accomplishment.
    Don't you hate shin splints? They are the worst! I used to get them all the time when I played bball. Just stretch your calf and shin muscles big time before you run.
    Hang in there-the payout is going to be amazing!!!