March 06, 2011

Week 9

It hit me yesterday that we have 10 weeks left in Massachusetts. CRAZY. And we just finished week 9 of 2011. So ya, half of our Massachusetts year is over. I am starting to miss this place already. But then again, I am so ready to get out of here. BUT, that has nothing to do with this week's list. So I'll move on.

1. Still making the list this week, I have a job. [Phew]

2. Played Mario Kart online with Josh and Crystal Saturday night. Totally sucked at it. But laughed a lot. And had a jolly good time. I ended with 4 pts. Next person up 27 pts. I really sucked. HaHa. Best part....IMing with Crystal between races. Gotta love the iPod touch.

3. Emails with Joff. Phone call with Hilz. Voice recording from Dano. I love my family.

4. Dominated 8 freakin' miles on the treadmill today, BABY! Last time I almost quit the half because of the 8 miler. This time I kicked it in the ass. That's right. I rocked it. (However, I totally gagged on the electrolyte gel, haha. That stuff is dis-gus-ting. YUCK. I am sticking with the electrolyte sports beans from now on.)

5. Steak & cheese grinder from Antonio's for lunch. One of the places that will be missed. That sandwich is heaven.

6. Reminiscing.

7. KC. He works so hard. He's studied all weekend long, with a paper and the MPRE. Yet he still made time to go grocery shopping with me and to a movie. I've forget to put him on the list lately. But seriously, he is the best. And easily belongs on this list.

8. Survived the week without sweets or carbonation. The first week is always the hardest. Such an addict.  I am good until race day. Go me.

9. No creeps.

10.  Rainy day today. I love rain. However, it did end up ruining my great hair day. Oh well. I want to go jump in some puddles. Brooke & Elena, do you remember when us and Jason went to the tennis court and got soaked jumping in puddles? How fun was that? #goodtimes (I thought I was on twitter for a moment...haha).

Have a great week everybody!


  1. It was fun talking to you Gen, as usual :) so... How do you play Mario kart online? Is it with the Wii? Cause it sounds fun!!

  2. We all need to go on and play Mario kart on the Wii!! But Leah won't play cuz you know she will kick our butt ;)

  3. Yes, yes Mario Kart was awesome!!!
    You are rocking your training-so inspiring! I'm starting my diet/working out tomorrow. I can't wait!!!

  4. Me talkie to you too, please, please? And I packed in 7.5 miles last Saturday with Krick and Melissa. They kept running back to me to make sure I was okay. I told them I would never do this, but I'm sure they would FREAK if they ever looked back and I was, jokingly, spread out on the ground. No, I won't do that. Put in 2 today and will run 5 tomorrow. I am determined to do the 1/2. Also, Kelsy is currently stuck at Snowbird. It was scary for a bit, but Jade's dad made it up there and they are all snowed in now at Iron Blossom condos. Talk soon. Love, love, love, Mom