July 20, 2011

26.2: Because I Can!

5: days until marathon race day

6: months ago this seemed like a good idea

2011: year of the marathon (my new years resolution almost completed)

30: minutes left to run this week. 1 run away.

4: days I am required to relax and not run. I could get used to this. Nah. I would go crazy without running.

2: Gomers that made me tear up with their story of 26.2 miles. My newest podcast craze. I <3 these guys!

13: family members committed to cheering us on along the route. [Randy, KC, Mom, Kent, Dad, Debbie, Terri, Crystal, Gabby, Josh, Kian, Hilary, and Asher...where are the rest of you?]

60: percentage of daily calories I need to consumme in carbs every day.

490: ounces of water I'll drink this week.

2: Marathon nightmares I've had in the last 3 nights. The first was missing the 3:30am bus up to start, I was so mad at Krick. The second was blocked from my mind. I can't recall it really, but I know it was about the marathon and it had me wake up nervous. Let's hope this isn't forecasting anything.

5: blisters that need to heal.

2: Window decals to make (1 for me and 1 for krick). If you've got it flaunt it, right? ... so any ideas on what ours decals should say?

1: quilt design and details to research for my running t-shirt blanket. Finally about to earn my middle square! (And clear out my dresser of stacks and stacks of cotton tees.)

20: lbs of ice I need to buy to have on hand for my post race ice bath.

494: mileage (approx.) ran this year for training.

1: husband that is REALLY, REALLY ready for this to be over!

Miles: 26.2

 Kilometers: 42.2

Meters: 42,200

Yards: 46,112

Feet: 138,336

 Inches: 1,660,032

Centimeters: 2,200,000

Millimeters: 42,220,000 


  1. Nervous! I'm so ready to not get up before the sun. I'm taking time off starting 11am on Monday. Now if we can just get this marathon out of the way and beat Mario Lopez in the process.

  2. I think J is planning on coming too! I don't know if I'll be able to make it but I am for sure cheering you on whether I'm there are not. GOOD LUCK VIEVE AND KRICK!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! =D

  3. I haven't checked your blog in ages! Sorry!!! Life has just gotten so crazy for me. I am super excited for you. This is a fun blog post. And I love the quilt idea of your running shirts. Great idea!