July 22, 2011

Alone and Together

Come Support Krick and I 
as we run 26.2 miles!!!


Pretty, Pretty, PLEASE!

I even made these pretty maps to make it easier on you.

It has estimates of when we will be at different miles markers.

See now,  you just need to show up.

We'll be getting up at 2:30am.

You can be downtown by 8am or 9am or even 10am. Is that too much to ask?

Monday  July 25, 2011

Just do it!

(I accept no excuses)

Posters are encouraged! Only if they have funny or uplifting stuff.

If I see a "Why did it take you so long" sign (....kill you)

If you want to join us and run a leg, AWESOME!

Squirt bottles to spray us, gummy bears to energize us, and lots of hollering!

We'll love you for it!

[click on the images to enlarge]

Full Map
First 12 miles are closed to spectators.
After than, come cheer away!!

Close-Ups for cross streets so you can find the place.

Miles 16, 20-22

Miles 17-19

Miles 22-Finish

See you at the finish line (or earlier...go for earlier!)

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