October 15, 2011

Do you like my tat?

...Okay...okay, my CAR'S tat. 

If you aren't a runner you probably don't recognize these stamps of honor as you drive around. But maybe you'll notice them now. KC didn't notice them until I started pointing them out to him. In fact, we passed a 13.1 sticker and KC said, that's sad. Maybe he is starting to get my accomplishment.

Anyway, I love it. But then again, I did design it. And cut it. And assemble it. Pretty proud. I just can't have the normal boring oval sticker. But what was that saying again?

"Pain is temporary, pride is forever"

That's right. And luckily, I don't have to go through that pain for quite some time. If ever. But I can still be proud of my sticker. Even though I wouldn't be able to run 26.2 tomorrow. I have done it. And only .01% of the population can say that.

So what is the update on my racing?

I've been training hard. Not for a marathon. But for a half. I've done two half marathons so far. My first half I came in at 2:05. My second at 2:08. And anytime a runner can break an hour mark it's a huge achievement. Thus, I've been training for a sub-two hour half. 

The race is October 29th.

I am not sure if I am ready to meet my goal. And honestly, I am not going to beat myself up if I don't. I trained the majority of the year for a 11:00 minute mile. This was extremly slow for me. But my focus was on crossing the finish line of the marathon without injury. So it was necessary. 

Unfortunately, I did come out of the marathon with strain on my IT Band. And it still hasn't healed. And even worse, it probably won't ever. So this has been an interesting training period. I've had to increase my time by 1:45 minutes per mile with an injured knee. Not so fun. 

Right now, my pace runs are averaging 9:30. So I am close. I have to do 9:23 in order to come in AT 2 hours during the race. So I should shoot for 9:15-9:20. This is the first non-5k race where I have really focused on speed work. It's an entirely different ballgame. 

So wish me luck on my last two weeks of training. I have 11 miles to run tomorrow. Then my most difficult week next week. And the race the following week. 

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  1. Good luck Vieve! You are so awesome. :)