January 31, 2012

Along Comes Mr. Alligator

My smile got quickly wiped off my face Monday night when my dad, step-mom, KC and I decided during dinner to calculate how many laps of a pool are in a mile swim (the distance I'll need to swim if I get into the Spudman Triathlon). I don't think I realized what I entered into. Did you know that is 120 laps in a 25m pool? 120!!!???

This seems like a harder feat than when I set out for running a marathon.

The biking. I can do that.

Running. Cinch.

Swimming...entails using my arms. My arm strength...is pretty much...ya, it is...exactly...zero.

To give you some perspective, during junior high gym we had to hold ourselves on a chin up bar for 30 seconds. We would stand on a chair and the teacher would take it away, then we'd have to hold. Without fail, every time the teacher took away the chair, my arms would become silly putty and I'd slowly lower to the floor. Luckily, what I lacked in the arm strength test, I made up for in the flexibility and situp tests; so I passed.

I only recall ever being able to flex a bicep once in my life and it was when I was on a rigorous nutrition plan through Total Health and Body.

Swimming doesn't really rely on bicep strength, but I imagine you have to have something in your lats and shoulders at least, which I have none of. Am I wrong?

When I started out my year, I bumped up my weight lifting. Which I hate doing. But, I felt it necessary in order to prevent further injury.

It changes today, I've decided I really need to put more into my weight lifting sessions if I am going to do this triathlon.

So, no more being a sissy in the weight room. Not to beef up, just get some strength...so I don't...ya know...drown during the competition.

Secondly, I need to start swimming. Duh. Yep, I haven't swam for exercise in probably 4 years. I've got some catch up to do.

Third, I need to be better at what I fuel myself with. Otherwise, the weight lifting will all be for not.

I am going to get educated and really take this seriously.

Luckily, I thrive in pushing myself...

So, um, anyone want to help me out with some tips?

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  1. My dear- don't stress. Spudman is a down stream swim!! Just focus on good form, take it slow, and don't get discouraged. If this is your first tri- just enjoy the ride. Don't set any expectations other than finishing. It's a whole different beast with transitions and such.