January 29, 2012

Week in Review #4

This week marked the final week to prepare for training. I have spending the past few weeks gearing back up and working on protecting my knee. I feel really good about how this week (and all of this pre-training work) has gone.

I feel like I am coming into half-marathon training with a good head on my shoulders and am ready to take it on.

***And notice how my run stats have switch from green to blue. Yep. I've passed into the next Nike+ Bracket. Probably means nothing to you. But, I was pretty stoked.***
I was supposed to go to dinner with my dad, but it fell through.
So after making a poor choice for dinner, I fit in a run.
Bad choice. It was a miserable run.
Don't you HATE running with a heavy meal? Yuck....
For my cross training day, I did 1 hour of p90x plyometrics.
Kicked my butt.
I was pooped after...and so sore the next day.
1 hour Zumba Class
In which, the instructor deemed,
"the hardest class she's every taught"

One word. Hills. 

Awesome run with outside (in the freezing cold) with Krick.
Look how consistent we are with pace.
We nailed this during the Marathon.
I've said it once, I'll say it again.
Krick is THE BEST running partner.

I had to rotate my running and Yoga/Stretch days for a scheduling conflict.
It worked out nicely, I had a great run, mixed with smaller hills.
And now the half-marathon training begins....

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