January 26, 2012

Hanging Up My Shoes

This post is dedicated to these babies:

This 7.5 sized Asics GT-2160 crossed the Marathon finish line with me. 

Runners have all kinds of weird memorabilia. 

I feel like I should save these along with my medals, t-shirts, and bib numbers.

They were my first pair of fitted shoes. 

Once I wore them, I no longer suffered from Chin Splints.

They ran over 500 miles with me (too much for one pair of shoes).

1 Marathon, 2 5ks, and a Half-Marathon.

Plus ALL the training.

I wore them down. And it's now time to say goodbye...

Old Pair
And welcome a new pair...

New Pair
Same shoe. One new, one old.
My new Asics GT-2160
The last pair was so good to me, I got the same model for my new pair.

And now that I've got my nike+ pouch set up, I feel like things are final. It's bitter sweet. Don't tell the last pair, but it feels great to have new shoes!

PS-I couldn't believe that I felt sad to retire my Marathon shoes. I've decided that I should name my next pair. Who knows what they'll help me accomplish. Anyone got any ideas for a name?

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