January 23, 2012

Week in Review #3

Week #3 started good, then I had a scare, but things rebounded. 

I am still in pre-training for the SL half-marathon and doing injury recovery. So, my running is still limited for the time being.

KC wanted to work out with me on Tuesday so we went for a short jog and then did a kettlebell workout, basically a ladder of 20 kettle bell lifts and then ladder of 15 squats thrusts (where you do 15 of each, then 14 of each, 13...and so on). I love having a workout like that, where you have to give it everything you've got and leave nothing else behind. We were both sore the next day.

Then the real story of the week was Thursday. Not the workout, but post run. I have been extremely careful about my ITBS. I took two months off in and have been extremely careful about not picking right back up into intense or long distance training. I have been increasing by no more than 10% a week and taking it slower than I normally would. It's painful to have so much excitement about the race in April and not have the flexibility to just jump start it. 

So after all this careful recovery planning and execution, Thursday night as I was about to get into bed I felt a tweak in my knee. I had done my first 3 mile consecutive run that night and think it was just too much already.

Immediately I got a pit in my stomach. Don't tell me all that rest was for nothing? I decided to ice it and hope it would feel better after a day of rest on Friday. When I woke up I immediately got my foam roller out and massaged it. I did so again after I got ready. Then again at lunch. After work. And again before I went to bed. I iced and massaged throughout the day, but it didn't seem to be getting better. All day, Friday, I was in pain. Nonetheless, I scheduled my Saturday run with Krick and told her that we might end up walking. 

Saturday morning I woke up without pain! It was awesome. I have been dedicated to massaging, stretching, strength training, etc all in the name of injury prevention. It seems to have paid off, because my body quickly healed.

We did our 3 mile run, where I warmed up and took a walking break to accommodate my knee. But I felt good during the run. I haven't hurt since. But it sure did give me a scare for that 24 hours.

All in all, my weekly running total was just over 10 miles.

The current week is my last pre-half training week. I am going to take it careful still, so that I can really get into it next week.

Monday: 3 mile Run/Walk + Strength Training (Legs)

Tuesday: 1 mile jog outside + 30 minute  [KILLER] kettlebell workout (Arms/Back)

Wednesday: 1 hour Zumba Class

Thursday: First 3 mile consecutive run + Strength Training (Butt/Abs)

Saturday: 3 mile run with a 400m warm up and 400m mid-run break= 3.5 miles total + Strength Training (Arms)
Sunday: 1 hour X-Stretch
How was your week?

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  1. So glad you are able to keep that ITB in check! I had a bad ITB injury last year and my big regret was not stepping back and taking time off before it got to be horrible. Good move on your part.