March 14, 2012

If I Were a Boy


...then maybe I'd like basketball...but probably not.

So, why do I do this every year?

By this...I mean, find myself again...filling out the dang bracket.

With the exception of football (Fins up!), I am more of an individual sport kind of gal. Love watching tennis (I have a crush on Nadal, mmm!). Swimming, yep (especially now)! Even have had season passes to Utah gymnastics (Red rocks! Went twice this year). And of course....Marathons are totally cool!

But basketball = snore-fest! 

Yet somehow, March Madness sucks me in. Without fail. Every dang year.

So here's my bracket...

[And Emz, I apologize now. I am a Duke Fan. Always have been, always will be. Go blue devils!]

PS - Notice I don't have Duke winning. I've become superstitious. Year after year, I have them marked to win (in hope they will) and then they don't. So this year, let's pin them against their rivals, pretend like they'll lose. Then, BAM! Duke will skrew my bracket and take the win. It's worth a try, right?

Do you fill out a bracket? Who do you have going all the way?

1 comment:

  1. So funny. When I used to work in an office, I'd fill one out too, even though I have NO idea who's good/who's not, etc. It's just fun to do. Good luck to your team (hopefully EMZ won't see that!)