April 21, 2012

Blister in the Sun

[Violent Femmes]

I am staring at the screen...speechless...

For once, I don't have much to say about today's race. [Post Note: Or so I thought...]

I feel good about it. I didn't PR, but my time was sub-2 hours, which was my "happy" goal (PR would have been "esctatic" and over 2 hours "okay, but disappointed").

I am really happy with how I started the race. Slightly bummed out I didn't finish as strong as I probably could have. It was more a mental fight during that last mile, than a physical battle. 

That last stretch is always the hardest part of racing, for me. It's when I tend to tell Krick to go on without me or I want to stop and walk. It happened at my first 10k. Happened again at the Marathon. And again today. Luckily, I had Krick there with me each of those times to force me through it, whether she realizes it or not [which is what makes her the perfect running partner].

Now don't get me wrong. I was still pacing under 10 min/miles. I just look back and think, I saw that 1:53 mark within sight of the finish line and probably could have given it my all to break my PR, but I didn't.

I can make valid excuses why I didn't:

1) My IT band was starting to act up. My calves were on fire. And I felt like I could hurl.

2) Top priority should be my Triathlon performance and I told myself I wouldn't push it during this race so that I can keep up with Tri training.

I think it's smart I didn't push it any further than I already was. I mean I pushed it probably too much as is. I sit here with my ice pack strapped to my knee and a blood blister ready to burst half my toe open. It's disgusting. [I am half tempted to post a photo...you wouldn't believe it.]

If I would have belted toward the finish I don't know if it would have been worth it, as I imagine I would have set myself back. But it's one of those days, I just wonder. Would it have worked out? Should I have gone for it?

Well, what's done is done. I'm still proud to hang this amongst my other medals:

Half-Marathon Finishers Medal

It's a pretty medal. I think the best lookin' of the set I have. 

So I want to back track. There were a lot of highlights to this race. 

First, I still have stats to be proud of...regardless if I think they are good enough or not....

I think that's the best I've finished for my sex division. Top 20%. I am proud of that.

Next, I got to see one of my good friends, Brooke, finish her first half-marathon... [So awesome. Still don't know how you were jumping at the end....but awesome!]
Brooke and I
Next, I beat smashed my 10k record...

Prior records
New 10k record

As always, I got to start/run with these two goons...

And Kase met me at the finish line. Amazing support! Great photographer! :)

So ya, you can slap me...I shouldn't be so hard on myself. All in all it was a great day. Great course. Great company. Great stats. Great weather. I shouldn't be such a whiner.

Now time to crank up the triathlon training. Good thing my bike will be here Monday!

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