April 20, 2012

Run for Your Life


I've been reminiscent lately. And seriously, running is the best place for thinking about memories. So it only makes sense to have my half-marathon mix right now as a soundtrack of life.

These songs all have a place in my life and bring up memories. The lyrics aren't necessarily a reflection of my life. It's simply about the feeling I get when I listen to this music.

Mile 1: Trix are for kids 
[Songs from my childhood]
Me @ probably age 3 or 4

Mile 2: Sing into a Hair Brush
[Girly songs from my Junior High years]
Scary Spice
Halloween 1999

Mile 3: Boy Bands
[Do I really need to explain this? Justin Timberlake, AJ, Jacob Underwood...a teenage girl's dream!]

My 1st Concert = NSync
Larger than Life
Bye, Bye, Bye
Liquid Dreams

Mile 4: Oh, Ricky!
[Just read this]

So glad I found a full photo of the cardboard cutout.
Livin' La Vida Loca

Mile 5: Good Times
[High School Summers with my girlfriends] 
Graduation '02

Mile 6: Being Pissed
[Songs for getting through your parent's divorce]

Mile 7: Dances and Dating
[Songs from...self-explanatory]

Mile 8: Starting to Run
[Songs you'd see on my minidisc player early on]

Cottonwood Height Turkey Trot

Mile 9: Falling in Love
[Songs KC and I listened to while dating]

Ah...the photobooth.

Mile 10: Getting Married
[Songs from our wedding]

July 19, 2008
All You Need is Love
Here Comes the Sun

Mile 11: Broadway
[Seeing my first broadway show on our Honeymoon, followed by many more]

Wicked NYC

Mile 12: The Bay State
[Living in Massachusetts]

Red Sox Game
Down with OPP
Sweet Caroline[Can't do it...not a Neil Diamond fan]

Mile 13: Killing this race
[Here and now]

SLC Half Marathon T-Shirt
The Edge of Glory

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