April 19, 2012

You Look Good in My Shirt

[Keith Urban]

Despite all the fuss earlier this year about the Salt Lake Marathon...so far so good with the new owners of the race. Packet pickup went smoothly. Best expo I'd been to in my race carrier.
Love the first name on the bibs.
Maybe it's because immediately when I walked into the venue I got greeted with an exciting shout from  the first booth.

Why did I deserve this kind of entrance?

Well, I am a race nerd...

...I happened to be wearing this Dirty Dash shirt today:
Utah Fall 2011 10k Race Shirt
--aka, the BEST race shirt--
But, thankfully, I am also lucky...

...Someone noticed and rewarded me (and Krick) for it:
Free entry to any race.
Well, it was almost that easy. They gave me the chance for a free entry, where everyone else was getting something random. But thankfully, I also know how to handle a Nerf gun.

Thanks so much to 
the Dirty Dash [booth] dudes!!! 

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