June 28, 2012

Getting Better

[The Beatles]

A couple weeks ago I went to a running clinic. I may or may have not mentioned this. Can't remember. Don't care. The point is that:

1) I didn't learn much.

2) But, one thing I learned was about a nifty little device called, "The PaceWheel"

Now that I know about the device, it seems like a no-brainer. But, that fits right in with how I've approached running the past 10 years...I've figured out this sport the hard way...what's new?

So rather than spend $17 on the physical wheel product, guess what? There's an app for it ($1.99)!

What isn't there an app for?


So here's what the app looks like. This is a screenshot from my settings today, based on my mile race time with KC two weeks ago, 7:23/mile.

Basically...this helps you know at which pace to be running different workouts, such as long runs, tempo runs, and repeats so that you can get faster and your body can learn to work more efficiently. So awesome. I'm tellin' ya. It's a-w-e-s-o-m-e! Eek...makes me just want to do some track work. I'm all giddy!

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