June 21, 2012


[Moonpools & Caterpillars]

Have I been living in a hole?

What's up with 3 posts for June?


I could have blogged yesterday, but passed out at 5pm and slept through the night until 6am.

I think my body was trying to tell me something. I needed rest. Badly.

It's been a crazy month. But, it's summer...so I wouldn't have it ANY other way.

So what's kept me busy...
(nothing important)

...Triathlon Training

Uh...GIVEN. Dur...

But, it is nice to know that I am still fighting. I think it's the biggest reason I crashed yesterday. After having a 30+ mile bike ride on Tuesday, I was pretty wiped. But, I am getting much more confident on the bike. Clipping in and out is becoming more natural and I am actually starting to rely on the pull up during the pedal rotation, so I am glad I stuck with the clip less pedals. I challenged myself to attack a hill that nearly gave me a heart attack during one of my first rides. And I did pretty good my second time around, which I owe to clip less pedals, a good base, and understanding the gears better. I didn't have to get off the bike after...an accomplishment all in it's own.

I started brick workouts this past weekend. My first being a 45 min. swim followed by an 85 min. bike ride. It went great. I am actually not nervous for that transition. It's the bike to run that scares me. My quads take a beating on the bike. I have yet to see how that affects my run. Hopefully, I can rely on knowing I am a good runner and let myself mentally use the confidence to push through the pain.

I still have a wet suit, tri top, a new pair of running shoes, and tie less shoelaces to purchase. Other than that, I am ready to at least finish.


The month started out with Leah's birthday party at Mt. Fuji's where we karaoke-ed to our hearts content...I may have rapped out to Eminem with Leah. That's right, foo...bring it...

We then celebrated Derch's birthday with some Thai food and Prometheus.

And let's not forget Father's day where we BBQ-ed at my Dad's house. The more I spend time with my Dad the cooler I think he is. It's nice that he's just chill.


Summertime was made for reading. And I've got the fever.

I am reading a couple things.

And then I've got my magazine's...Runner's World, Triathlete Mag, Fitness, Self, and Women's Health. I want to point out one freakin' amazing article from Runner's World this month. I am in awe of Kellie Wells, what a tragic life. If the olympics or running or personal stories are your thing, read it. I hope she makes it far.  Can't wait to watch her at the Olympic trials which started today!

Oh and then there's...


...Laying out at the pool and soaking in the hot tub

...Listening to the new Jukebox the Ghost CD and the Gomer's 4.5 Season.

...Watching Desperate Housewives

...Beating KC at a 1 mile race. Paced a personal best of 7:23.

...Running the Dirty Dash

...Chatting with friends online

...Booking a trip to Michigan

...and then all that other stuff in between.

Summer 2012. I am liking you. Let's keep things up.

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