June 08, 2012

Where the Blacktop Ends

[Keith Urban]

I admit I am not the best friend to have. Not something I want to admit, but it's true. I never pick up my phone, often don't return voicemails or emails, and though I claim to be a better friend via social media, I guess I am slacking there, too.

So Nate, I'll try to make up for a long due response to your wall post to me:

Biking around town is incredible. The bike makes me a little nervous, since I am still a novice to clipping in and out. More so clipping out. I've fallen completely to the ground once, and then had a couple close calls [one of which I had a spectator that got a good laugh from it]. But all in all, practice makes perfect, so I am working on it and improving.

Initially I thought biking was a piece of cake. That is until I took my first REAL hill. Holy hannah!!! Luckily, unluckily, I was clipped into my pedals and thus was left with one of two choices:

1. Try to clip out so that I could shamefully walk my bike up the hill...knowing that gravity would cause me to eat gravel in the process.

2. Suffer through the pain and make it up the hill slowly, but surely.

Stubborn ME chose the later.

When I finally made it to the top of the hill I clipped out. [Heart pounding.] All I could do was sit on the ground and hope to not have a heart attack. That was hard.

But, I'll tell you. I do love biking. I am a lifer. And this is the reason:

I would have never seen the valley from this view.

Stunning, right? Do you miss those mountains? Come on...you are just one more Bar Exam and a 2000 mile drive from living here. Huh? Huh? How about it?

No?...pass the computer to Corissa...

Corissa? How about it?

You can't really turn this down now can you?

Okay, I'll lay off it...FOR NOW. But yes, biking shows me the world in a different light. You'd assume it wouldn't be different than running outside. But it is. You get to see so much more. For example, this morning, I road 15 miles. Got in this view:

Plus, I saw a hoppin' bunny rabbit, a frozen rattlesnake, and a dead pigeon (that I nearly ran over...yuck!). So it's an adventure every time :)

On a sidenote, did you hear my sister, Kelsy, got a cat? You guys ruined me...I was all playing with it, taking pictures, and laughing about it's personality....PERSONALITY!!!!???....a cat? [Shaking head]. Now there are talks of getting one....Corissa, Corissa....how's Andy?

Okay, back to it. After we run our marathon together...oh, I didn't tell you that we are going to run a marathon together...well, we are. Then we should get Corissa and KC bikes and do a bike tour. Is that good enough for you....*cough...travel snob...cough*?

Last comment about biking. It kinda makes me feel like a badass. Which I am SO not.

But the bandana and chain oil on the leg...watch out motheruckas....


So hopefully I sufficiently answered your question. I apologize the response took so long.

Miss you guys tons! Let's skype...


  1. Love this post. So glad you are loving the bike - great pics! What kind did you get again? Maybe we should get Corissa a similar model so the two of us can start prepping for our bike tour with you guys. And, when is the marathon you want to do? It is a tempting proposition so I need to get going.

    Finally, for the record, the next time you visit NYC, I suppose I could get over my travel snob tendencies and just walk around and look at stuff. We definitely ought to skype/facetime or something soon.

  2. I was looking through your blog today and realized that I never responded to this. I agree that we should take a bike tour....I love biking! And I love even more that your are a closet cat-lover. You need to get one. Maybe I'll send Molly and Max for a vacation sometime so you can try out cat-ownership. :-) And Ande is good.....he's with us for the summer and so far has only escaped once. Nate is thrilled to have him here, as you can well imagine.

    So about Skyping....how does Thursday or Friday evening sound? If not we'll be around Saturday morning too. Let me know and let's stop talking about it and do it! :-) Miss you guys tons.