July 17, 2012

Good Day Sunshine

[The Beatles]

Taking a phrase from my mother-in-law, "I prayed to my angels." So I didn't really. But, I did send my wishes somewhere. I imagine they just floated around in the air (or the web) and luck grabbed them. But, whatever happened to them...they came true. And today I got:


I'd say it was just in the knick of time. As I described yesterday, I was due for some swim training the next few days and I really enjoy it so much more outside. It makes me feel like I am enjoying summer rather than just putting my face in the water and grinding out some exercise.

I soaked up some rays. Yes.  But, I also got in a hard workout today. I searched the web for some freestyle-centric swim workouts and found the following (with a few edits):

300 - Warm Up
100 - Pull Easy
4x25 on 15 sec.
100 - Pull Easy 
4x25 on 15 sec.
100 - Pull Easy 
4x25 on 15 sec.
100 - Pull Easy 
2x50 - All Out
25 - Sidekicks
25 - Fists
25 - Fast Kicks

200 - Kicks
100 - Swim

200 - Cool Down

I was worried taking a week off from swimming was going to be damaging, but I was strong and loved every minute of the hour and twenty in the water. This was a fun workout, still it pushed me into some uncomfortable zones. The only downfall was for some reason I think I drank half the pool. I am feeling sloshy. It happens.  Or so I am telling myself.

OH...can someone answer me this...Why does water up the nose sting so bad? 

*Made a couple adjustments, but most of the workout is credited to: http://ruthkazez.com/SwimWorkouts/SwimWorkout49.html

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