July 19, 2012

Half Crazy

[JukeBox the Ghost]

You guys are going to kill me. 

Let's just assume we are in a fight now, rather than later. It's inevitable.

But, I am thinking post-tri today. And what it entails.

Uh - OH!


I am planning to start up again at school this fall to finish the last 11 classes (it used to be only 5...[insert middle finger]). So my training time is going to be heavily reduced. Probably almost non-existent. [Moans]

But, I can't imagine my life without some kind of race or physical goal. It's what makes me the happiest. Hands down. 

Last year, I met Barefoot Todd and realized that I someday wanted to run a race barefoot. And I think now is the time. It's so different than the way I run now (and better), but runners have to pull back on the distance training to master this technique. So being forced to reduce my distance because of lack of time, I think it's the universe telling me right now is the BEST opportunity to join the barefoot nation. 

And it's exciting!

(Plus, I just reached my half way mark towards my 750 mile goal for the year...so I've got some running to do. Hence, why my goal needs to be running-centric. The deadlines I put on myself...geez.)

Anywho...perfect timing because Miss Zippy [one of my favorite bloggers, runners, and triathletes] posted this video for learning mid-foot strike on the fitfluential site today.

So if you see me jump roping down the street and then running around barefoot. Don't think I am crazy. KNOW I am crazy. Really insane. 

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