July 16, 2012

Set Fire to the Rain


This gloomy weather has sure messed up my training schedule. With the race in 12 days that's not the best thing.

This weekend's open water swim didn't happen. I was scheduled for a run and a swim this weekend. I moved the run up to Saturday when rain was forecasted in hopes Sunday would be clear. I ran 8.5 miles after eating Tacotime with the family. I tried to get out of it, but lunch together after our annual garage sale is tradition. So I regretfully caved. It was a horrible, bad, painful idea [the Tacotime, not the garage sale -- I made $60 off my junk]. End of the story: worst run I've had probably this entire year. I just felt heavy and sluggish.
Family photo at the garage sale.
Top to Bottom (L-R): Kels, Hilz, Mom, Oz, Malia, Me, Joff, and Krick
All my siblings, minus Dano.
Sunday, it rained again. SO I decided to move my swim to Monday and move my Yoga up a day. I struggled with that, too. I think I've been eating so well that I was still suffering from my poor choice of food the day before. I had a junk food hangover. My body wasn't having it. But nonetheless, I made it through the hour.

Today, I woke up to blue skies. I packed my swim gear fully planning to hit the Rec center pool after work. The day went on with sunshine. But, as I was leaving work I could see the dark clouds moving in. Not again! Rescheduling for the third time, I pushed my swim back and moved up my speed work run.

However, with the clouds looming the temperatures had dropped to the 80s. I decided rain or not I was taking my speed work outside to take advantage of the cooler weather. I ran my first fartlek run, well my first conscious fartlek...I just learned what this speed session actual entails recently. I also explored a new route, which I rather enjoyed.

The first 3 miles rain drizzled lightly on me. Then it started to rain more. Then pour down. I had water dripping down my face. Off my hands. I was soaked. But I had a great time. I only recall a couple runs in the past where I got this wet. (1) The last long run before my first half-marathon. Remember that run, Nate? We were covered in gnats and sopping wet. Haha. (2) When I used to run with my brother-in-law, Patrick, there was a time or two where we returned home drenched. I recall those runs being miserable. But today, it felt great. I was on fire. (And I am not talking about the record number of honks I got..it was getting kind of silly. If you are looking for some catcalls to boost your self-esteem go for a run in the rain. You'll get more than you can count on your hand.)

Seriously though, after some setbacks this weekend it felt great to dominate the road. I fought the wind and rain and still came out 7.34 miles later with having beat my 10k record time by an entire minute (Old PR exactly 53'00").

(PS - if I haven't said it...I LOVE the new NIKE+ website!)
That's right. I'm killer tough. [Tough isn't usually a word I'd use to describe myself, so I'm taking the opportunity to use it now. You know...while I can.]

Post run.
You can't really tell but I was dripping from head to toe.
Now, I've got my swim training piled up for the next few days....so is it too much to ask for a little sunshine? Pretty please...

ALSO, if you are interested, my stellar sister-in-law Crystal has recently started a fitness blog (eatcleanandtraindirty.blogspot.com). She's done a spotlight on me today. Hop over there to read our Q&A session. And then keep reading the rest of her posts. I really like the conversation about diet vs. regular soda.

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