October 02, 2012


[Cheryl Crow & Kid Rock]

I finally uploaded the pictures for my lengthy post, Rollercoaster. If you so feel interested, hop over there.

And, because I'm being lazy, here are some additional recent photos...

(AKA - Krick's Birthday Party)

Deep Fried Bacon
I hadn't unpacked the kitchen yet...so...
Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers
Hilary's dish...delicious...of course.
Take-5 Brownies with a Carmelized Bacon Topping.

 Dirty Dash
(AKA - Freeze your butt off.)

Paul's 60th Birthday Party
(AKA - The party with amazing food, awesome music, and odd entertainment)

Shortly after Paul arrived.
I just liked this picture of those two.

KC giving Paul one of our gifts.
This was a poster we put together of all 7 porsches that Paul has owned.
(Little do you know this is the second round...I missed the picture on the first)

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