December 28, 2012

I Almost Do

[Taylor Swift]

Did you know...

I've run 108 miles this month.

That's more than I've ran in ANY month EVER. Including the month I ran 26.2...twice. (Once for training and once for the race -- I ran 103 miles that month.)

I was focused and cruisin' towards my pledged 750 miles for 2012. 

I made it through a bout of a winter cold and food poisoning mid-month, but somehow these hurdles didn't stop me. I kept running. 

I even PR'ed again in the 10k distance on Christmas Eve. This is when I got up at 5:30am to get in that last workout before stuffing my face with fondue and spinach dip later that night. 

Then I started coughing on Christmas Day and by today I was at the doctor's office. Despite my flu shot I still managed to get one of the flu viruses. Hooray!

Still, I got Taylor Swift tickets, boots, and the Les Mis soundtrack for life's not all that bad. [PS - Les Mis was AWESOME...beat my expectations by leaps and bounds!]

I've been down and out for the past few days. Hoping it gets better from here. Because I have... let's count them...(29th) 1, (30th) 2, (31st) 3 days to get in a 3.46 mile run to meet my pledge. On a healthy 3 days, I'd fit in 20+ miles, but this 3.46 may be my most challenging run of the year. It may also be my slowest. It may also not even happen (are you kidding me?!)...

This sounds pathetic...but, wish me better and good luck. I kinda need it. 

How has your December gone?

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