December 12, 2012



That's sad to think it's the last time I'll see the day, month, and year as all the same number...well, EVER. Unless some miracle drug comes out and I live to 2101. I highly doubt that will happen in my lifetime though. Still, I am a fan of living forever...sounds fun...

Just wanted to take a moment to celebrate and mourn that, what would you call it? ...Event?

On another note. In my head, I am running two marathons next year. Possibly three.

My "A" race is the planned May marathon; the Vermont Marathon with my buddy, Nate. However, though we haven't actually discussed this, I have a gut feeling from some recent news that we won't be running that race as we've planned. (Nate, I am still in if you are. However, if you have to postpone...I get that, too. Guess, we need to skype.). Still, I we started training for said race the Monday after Thanksgiving, per our training calendar. [Not to brag, but it wasn't a change for me. In fact, I SHOULD be doing less per those plans. ]

My "B" race is in June; the Utah Valley Marathon. This is if said May race is forgone for a future undetermined date to run a marathon with Nate because of unsaid circumstances. I started training for this marathon on Monday. This "race" isn't anything special. Except that it is going to my first marathon in many to come [I assume] in my qwest for Boston qualifying. I am sure I'll have more to say on this as time progresses. But, I'll say this now: Yes, I have always said I wouldn't try to qualify for Boston because I knew I couldn't get there. But, yes, I've changed my mind. I am capable of this. I know this now. [Why do I always say never?]

My "C" race is in April. This is my fall back. If come March, the "A" race is no longer planned and my pace isn't down to Boston qualifying standards, I've decided I'll still use the training I've invested to run a marathon. Just I'll run it earlier than planned so that I can get onto training for my summer Triathlons.

This isn't how I anticipated this post going, but I guess it's on my mind and still fitting for the real subject at hand:


I am a numbers person. Which works for and against me. Numbers, like the one above hold me accountable. It's rather silly. But they sometimes can do more motivation for me than any single person. It an internal need to fulfill that.

This particular number, 750 is the mileage goal I pledged to the Gomer Nation upon the 2012 new year. There isn't any reward but satisfying that number, really.

Reminder, it's 12-12-12.

My thoughts exactly...


I'm not giving up though. I estimated that's just under 3.5 miles a day. I can do this.  Especially with my marathon training in full effect. [I don't run every day, but with a small increase* I think I can still get there.]

So, are you still thinking about your 2012 resolutions? Or am I just a nut job? Wait...yes. Yes, I am.

*FYI, for fellow runners I am keeping this under 10% a week. Let's not get stupid here.

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  1. You never cease to amaze me. I'm so happy that you're working towards qualifying for Boston. Of course you can get there!