December 02, 2012

Short Wave

[The Child Who Was a Keyhole]

Your eyes aren't deceiving you.

That is me.

Me napping peacefully with a cat.


...not just any cat..

Our cat.

Meet Oggy. We adopted him from the shelter on November 24th. He's an orange Tabby. 1 year 2 mos. old. KC, the animal lover, has been begging for this day for years.

This news has more people believing that maybe the Mayans WERE indeed correct regarding the pending world end on the 21st. Is this not sign enough?

KC can die happy now. He's on cloud nine.

1 comment:

    I thought you hated animals. ALL animals. You got a cat?!?! And you're napping with it?!?! Wow. Guess I should calm down. It's not like it's a dog huh? Now that would be something to be shocked about. :)