July 08, 2013

Pour Some Sugar On Me

[Tom Cruise]

Did I really just say this song's artist/group was Tom Cruise? ... yep, I did. Fine, fine. It's really Def Leppard. But, really, have you seen Tom Cruise sing this in Rock of Ages? Mmm, mmm. [Any who...onto the topic at hand.]

You may have caught on here...

I may have answered a question for you with this answer...

You may have just heard me tout it over and over...

But, chocolate milk is my refuel drink of choice. 

My running and weight have transformed by drinking chocolate milk after every workout [lasting an hour or longer]. Yeah! Isn't that awesome?!

In fact, it was a saving grace after each leg of my Ragnar Wasatch Back Ultramarathon Relay with #highnuun. We went through a TON of chocolate milk as a team! And we WON the whole darn thing... doesn't that say something?

And now my team #highnuun has been picked as a finalist to join Team Refuel... who might just get us to Ragnar Colorado with their sponsorship. 

But here is the catch....

#HighNuun submitted a video sharing what our After workout ritual is and how we refuel with  chocolate milk. Check out our After video to VOTE FOR US! If our video earns the most votes at the end of the month, we’ll be the next sponsored team of Team REFUEL! And it’s all for a good cause. For every vote cast, REFUEL will donate $1 to the Challenged Athletes Foundation

Okay, so here's how you vote:

1. Go to http://gotchocolatemilk.com/team-refuel/vote

2. Find the picture of Holly (below) labeled "High Noon"... they'll be updating the name to "High Nuun", so look for either name.

3. Enter the captcha and click vote.

4. Repeat each day!

(The direct link http://gotchocolatemilk.com/team-refuel/high-noon might work, too!)

Voting ends on August 9 at 11:59 AM EST. Votes as many times as possible before then. Users can vote once per day.


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