March 28, 2011

Gearing Up

Warning: This post is going to feel like an advertisement. It's not. And I am not being paid to promote any of these products. Although, I wouldn't mind it. [Hint, hint Under Armour, please send me free product ;)]

I am going to sound like a broken record, if I don't already. This coming Sunday I am running my second half-marathon. Running is on my mind. And as I was in Sports Authority this weekend, it made me realize how much once I find something that works, I really fall in love with it. And vice versa. [I seriously walked into the Nike section and went, bleh...I couldn't do it. Not. A. Nike. Fan.]

Krick and I share our running gear tips. And I thought, what the heck, I'll throw it on the blog and see if it helps anyone else out. So here are my go-to items for running:

Shoes: Adidas

You saw my last athletic shoe purchase here. They are Adidas. I've tried a LOT of different shoe brands and I always come back to Adidas. Sure it's really a soccer company at heart. And. I. am. not. a. soccer. fan. But really, I've never had problems with their running shoes. Nike on the other hand. Again, I can't do it. Well, not completey true, I like my nike tennis shoes, actually for tennis...confusing statement there. So scratch the can't do it completely and instead mark it as can't do it for running.

Tops: Ribbed Tanks

...particular Under Armour ribbed tanks, like the one I bought this weekend :). I can run with a cotton t-shirt, but it's not my favorite and definitely not on long distance runs. I don't like spandex tanks, they slide up and I have to keep pulling them down. Ribbed tanks allow for the right movement, are sleeveless,  and don't slide up.

Bottoms: Fitted Capris

I just bought the Under Armour Heatgear Compression Capris and LOVE them. But I also like the cheaper and surprising alternative of Old Navy's Capris. They just wear out quicker :( You get what you pay for. Unless it's Nike.

I also like these Under Armour shorts for hotter days. So I guess I am NOT completely set in stone on this category. But really, I don't go outside of this. And the shorts really are just trimmed up versions of the capris.

Hair Accessories: Goodie StayPut elastics and headbands.

Um, this was a brilliant idea that should have come around a lot sooner. Rubber woven through the fabrics so they don't slide on your hair? GENIUS. I have really silky hair, so before this, I was constantly having to re-do my ponytail as the elastic band would slide out. And with bangs now, I was pleased to see they have a headband version of these so that I can pin them back!

Powerbars: Clif Bars

Crunchy Peanut Butter or Blueberry Crisp are my favorites. I don't eat powerbars often, but sometimes before my long runs I like to have them for breakfast, because they aren't heavy and give you a lot of carbs.

Sports Drink: Fruit Punch Powerade 

Okay, I would run a marathon just so I can drink this as much as I wanted :) I love and have always loved this drink. I would probably choose it over any other drink, except for Dr. Pepper...I would always choose that first. And chocolate milk is probably neck and neck.

Energy Supplement: Jelly Belly Sports Beans

Krick introduced these to me. Although she prefers the chews, which I haven't been able to get a hand on. But so far these sports beans do the trick for boosting my energy level mid-run. I honestly don't know how I ran the first half marathon without these.

MP3 Player: iPod Shuffle

This is probably a given. But I remember running with a Sony MiniDisc player. Or even worse a CD player. Oh wait, EVEN worse a cassette walkman. So I had to include it, because I love clipping this little gem on my pants and not having to hold anything. Plus, it holds more songs than I ever need for a run. Also, probably the best $50 I've ever spent.

And I can't forget, Bengay...probably the most important. Oh and you have to have good chapstick. Running with dry lips is NEVER enjoyable. I prefer grape flavored ;)

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  1. :) I have bengay on right now. My morning run was more brutal than usual. Loved this list. It gave me some great suggestions. Ive been looking for a good running tank.

    I will post my list tomorrow. One question, have you been fitted for shoes at a running store? It's the best thing you can do for yourself. Oh and one more, post your Favorite random songs that really keep you going. Like i like nine inch nails "into the void". Or michael jacksons "they dont really care about us." Ps don't say dr jones.