January 15, 2012

Week #2 in Review

I follow an awesome podcast called "Two Gomers Run for Their Lives." As part of their podcast there is a segment called "Week in Review." I like the idea of taking a look back on the prior week and seeing how things went. I enjoy hearing about their successes and downfalls. It helps me have hope and also be able to relate when things go wrong.

My week has been good. I worked out 6 days, 3 of which I did a walk/run recovery workout. I fit in Zumba, X-Stretch, Biking, and Strength Training.

I set a goal for myself to run 750 miles this year. Comparable to what I did last year, just a bit shy. But this year I don't plan to run a marathon, so this will be a difficult task. I am looking forward to a couple half-marathons to get me to that bar of 750. So far I've averaged 10 miles a week, which would put me at 520 miles. But as I increase my mileage each week during training, I should be able to get there.

This week, I also broke into the next weight bracket down. It's been a while since I've been back to this weight, and it feels great. Running a marathon was incredible, but if you think you'll lose weight by doing so, then think twice. I gained 10 lbs. last year during training and after the race. But I've now lost that weight and am starting to feel like I am going to nail some more PRs this year because of it. Plus my clothes feel lose, so maybe it will be an excuse for some SHOPPING!

Speaking of shopping, I purchased a few running items this week that I hope to post information about later this week...so stay tuned.

So let's talk specifics, here is how the week went down:

Monday: 3.25 miles
Treadmill Run
Incline: 1%
Walk 400m @ 4mph
Run 1200m @ 5mph-6mph
 Then Repeat
10 min. Circuit Leg Work

Tuesday: 45 min. Stationary Bike Ride
15 minutes Arm Work
Wednesday: 1 Hour Zumba Class
1st week back this year. Kicked my butt!

Thursday: 3.12 miles
Treadmill Run
Incline: 1%
Walk 400m @ 4mph
Run 1200m @ 5mph-6mph
 Then Repeat
10 minute Butt and Abs Work
Saturday: 3.5 mile
Outdoor Run
Trail with Rolling Hills
400m walk/1200m run
Then repeat
Sunday: 1 Hour X-Stretch
2nd week back, difficult but improvement
made from prior
Okay, so this week should look very similar. I have some more recovery work to do before I start official training the next week.

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  1. totally agree about gaining weight during marathon training. It's so easy to happen--you are hungry all the time but really not burning that many calories! Frustrating!